Revolution Summer League – Week 1

The Revolution summer league got under way last Monday 27th April at Lincroft School with a sixty five year difference between the youngest and oldest player, truly a sport for all ages. The next round is on Monday 11th May.

Division 1: CSC (Buckhurst, Woods) 3 Civil Service (Walden, Craddock) 2; Stevington Strollers (Lake, Charlish) 5 Hearts of Gold (Hart, Hart) 0.
Revolution Summer League Div1 Week1
Division 2: Elstow Lindas (Hutchings, Fosbrook) 5 Elstow Abbeys (Hogg, Bambury) 0; Llamedos (Newton, Walworthy) 2 Elstow Bunyan (Thompson, Barry) 3; Revving Up (Wright, Nicol) 2 Renaissance (Gibson, Close) 3; Revolution Tigers (Baguley, Aston) 5 Danny’s Angels (Murfitt, Richardson) 0.
Revolution Summer League Div2 Week1

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