Revolution Summer League Old

This summer Revolution Table Tennis Club based at Lincroft School, Oakley will once again be running its popular summer league. The Tuesday Division 2 sessions  commence on 22nd May allowing players to get in some match practice during the off season in a friendly social atmosphere. It also acts as a platform for junior players wishing to test themselves out to see whether they are ready to play in the senior league in the winter season (September-March). There is a free week on Tuesday 12th June due to SATS exams. The Monday Division 1 sessions commence on 18th June. Teams consist of two players playing two singles matches each and one doubles match making five matches in total. Matches start at 8pm (or earlier if both captains agree) and are generally finished by 9.30pm. Every team will play each other at least once. Trophies will be given for winners and runners-up in each division. If you wish to enter then please complete the online entry form below. All players must have an up to date Table Tennis England Player Membership in order to compete.

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