Closed Tournament Terms And Conditions

1. Every entrant must be affiliated as a Player Member to Table Tennis England or of another National Association in membership of the ITTF.
2. Every player must be a valid Table Tennis England Player Member.
3. Table Tennis England Tournament Regulations apply to this tournament. ITTF Regulations for International Competitions apply except those relating to the matters covered by items marked (x) in this entry form.
4. Completion and submission of this Entry Form signify agreement by the entrant to the
conditions of the competition including the variations from the ITTF requirements.
5. Competitors will be required to umpire matches at the discretion of the referee.
6. All match formats (x) will be at the discretion of the Referee who shall determine this based on the allocated time for the competition. The final order in a group shall be determined as per ITTF Regulation 3.7.5. for Group competitions.
7. Players’ clothing: main colour of clothing must be different from the colour of balls. White balls will be used in this tournament.
8. No competitor or official shall engage in betting on players or matches.
9. Doping shall not take place either before or during play.
10. All competitors must report to the control on arrival and must not leave the hall without first obtaining permission from the Referee. Players absent when called upon to play are liable to be scratched.
11. The referee’s decision shall be final on points of law, and any question arising not provided for in these regulations, or in any dispute as to the interpretation thereof. Decisions on points of fact by an umpire or assistant umpire appointed by the Referee shall be final.
12. No refunds will be given.

1. Entries – If it is necessary to restrict entries this will be done on the basis of the
last received, first out.
2. Admission – There will be no charge for admission.
3. Playing Conditions – Play throughout will be on Butterfly tables with
3* seamless white plastic balls. Scoring machines will be used for all
matches. Assistant umpires will not be appointed.
4. Doping – Doping control tests may take place.
5. Practice – Competitors will be permitted to practice on tables not allocated to the competition at the discretion of the Referee.
6. Car Parking – Car Parking (at owner’s risk) is available at the venue.
7. Refreshments – Light refreshments will be on sale.
8. Changing facilities with showers are available.
9. Trophies will be presented to all Winners which must be returned after the competition for engraving and then may be held by Winner until their return is requested by the Bedford & District League Trophy Secretary usually within twelve (12) months of the event.
No entry will be accepted unless the following undertaking is agreed upon by the competitor:
a. To observe the regulations of the tournament.
b. To abide by the decisions of the Referee.
c. To fulfill the schedule of play unless prevented by circumstances beyond the competitor’s control and accepted as such by the Referee.