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This brand new competition is open to Year 5 to Year 10 school children who do not currently play in the Bedford & District table tennis league or have a national ranking. It will initially take place once a month for both boys and girls on two separate Tuesday evenings from 7.30pm – 8.45pm at Revolution Table Tennis Club, Lincroft School, Oakley throughout Apr-Jun and for subsequent periods Oct-Dec and Jan-Mar (doors open from 7.15pm). The cost will be £2 per player per attendance. There is also a group club coaching session immediately prior to this from 6.00-7.30pm should parents wish to drop their children off earlier for some expert coaching which costs £3 per session.

The competition is open to individuals and there is no commitment to attend but every point gained earns points for the individual and their school. Players must have a Table Tennis England Associate Membership number which can be obtained at Table Tennis England Associate Registration. Please register as members of Revolution TTC. Each match will be time limited based on the number of attendees that evening and at the end of the first series of competitions (April, May, June) the individuals with the most points will qualify for a medal.

The league are also seeking either a major sponsor or individual prize sponsors so that the participant schools benefit from their achievements. Please contact the organiser, John Alsop, on 07921 093199 or email if you wish to bid for this.

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